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RGA in Full Panic Mode To Save Desperate Ducey

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The Republican Governors Association booked $8.2 million in ad spending in Arizona in a vain attempt to save Governor Doug Ducey’s campaign. Three months out from election day, the RGA has already spent over 60% more than what the organization spent in 2014.
There’s no secret why the RGA is pouring millions into Arizona to bail out Doug Ducey. Nearly two-thirds of Arizonans want to see new leadership in the governor’s mansion.
Could it be because Ducey’s failure on education has left thousands of teachers underpaid and Arizona withone of the worst education systems in the country?
Or could it be Ducey’s support of President Trump’s plan to cut access to healthcare for 511,000 Arizonans?
It’s no wonder the RGA is spending more money in Arizona than in any other state this cycle.
“You can smell the desperation coming from the RGA and the governor’s office in Phoenix,” says Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “There is not enough money in the world to cover up what Arizonans know—Doug Ducey has been an abject failure and his policies threaten Arizona families’ healthcare and their children’s education. Arizonans deserve better than Ducey’s failed agenda.”