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RGA Finance Chair: Trump Hurts GOP Chances in 5 Key Gov Races

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RGA Finance Chair: Trump Hurts GOP Chances in 5 Key Gov Races

On Thursday, Republican Governors Association Finance Chair admitted what many political observers have said over the last few weeks: Donald Trump will hurt Republican gubernatorial chances in key 2016 races. Fred Malek specifically singled out 5 states where Republicans’ chances will be hurt by Trump leading the ticket.

“Fred Malek, finance chairman for the Republican Governors Association and veteran party fundraiser, said a Trump nomination also could imperil his party’s chances of picking up Democratic governors’ seats in Missouri, Montana, West Virginia, Vermont and New Hampshire, where the state’s Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan is giving up her post to run the U.S. Senate,” USA Today reported on Thursday. “Republican donors are ‘alarmed, disappointed and frustrated’ by Trump’s rise, he said.”

But Malek has little hope for avoiding this Republican gubernatorial nightmare scenario.

“The people who talk about stopping Trump are smoking something,” Malek told the Washington Post this week.