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RGA Chair on Fox News Sunday: Can’t Promise Health Repeal Won’t Cut 200,000 Wisconsinites from Health Care

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RGA Chair on Fox News Sunday: Can’t Promise Health Repeal Won’t Cut 200,000 Wisconsinites from Health Care

Gov. Walker ducks question from Chris Wallace on if health plan would lead to coverage loss in his state

 In an appearance on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Governor Scott Walker was asked to comment on the Republican governors’ emerging plan to replace the Affordable Care Act. Wallace asked Gov. Walker what would happen to the 200,000 citizens Wisconsin has insured because of the Affordable Care Act.

Walker failed to promise they would remain insured, ducking Wallace’s question:

WALLACE: Can you guarantee that all of those 200,000 people are going to keep coverage? 

WALKER: We have, under our plan we have one of the lowest rates of uninsured – in fact, one of the highest rates of overall insured – in the nation because we used reforms to help get people into the marketplace and make things work there. I think that’s exactly what we want as a nation.

 Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the uninsured rate in Wisconsin has dropped by 39%. 200,000 previously uninsured people now have access to affordable healthcare.

“Governor Walker should come clean with Wisconsin residents: Health care repeal would rip coverage away from 200,000 Wisconsinites,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “When the head of the RGA can’t even answer a question on Fox News about the health repeal’s impact, Republican governors have a real problem on their hands.  Scott Walker knows what all Americans know: The plan in Congress will put the burden on the states and kick millions of Americans off of their health insurance.”

The full interview can be viewed here.