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RFRA Groundhog Day, Starring Mike Pence

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RFRA Groundhog Day, Starring Mike Pence

Rise and shine, campers. It’s Groundhog Day….again. 

And just like last February, Indiana Governor Mike Pence is stuck in a mess of his own making. 

In the last year since signing the discriminatory RFRA law, Pence has woken up each day confronted by the same storm of public outrage sparked by his job-killing anti-LGBT agenda. Headlines describe the backlash from the business community and polls show a rebuke of Pence’s failed leadership. Yet Pence remains oblivious to the problem, as if he wakes up every morning having completely forgotten.

Last week, news broke that Indiana’s tourism economy suffered a $60 million hit due to the 2015 RFRA debacle. And yet, Pence still refuses to take a position on LGBT civil rights bills being discussed in the legislature.

On this Groundhog Day, will Mike Pence finally emerge from hibernation and join the business community in supporting equality?

Watch out for that first step, Governor, it’s a doozy.

[The cartoon below is from the Indianapolis Star’s Gary Varvel]