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Reynolds-Endorsed GOP Tax Plan Passes

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Governor Reynolds Supported Raising Taxes For Thousands of Iowa Middle-Class Families

Today, the Congressional tax bill endorsed by Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds is on its way to becoming law. 

The Senate passed the tax reform bill today that will raise taxes on Iowa middle-class families, giving huge tax breaks to the wealthy, and ballooning the national debt.

Reynolds endorsed the bill, calling it “an historic step.”

“Republicans in Congress just voted to raise taxes on Iowa middle-class families, and Governor Kim Reynolds cheered them on,” said DGA Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “Now as she runs for reelection, Governor Reynolds will have to explain to Iowa voters why she supported raising their taxes. Kim Reynolds decided to stand with Washington Republicans instead of the middle-class families of Iowa. Next year, voters will have an opportunity to send a message to Governor Reynolds about her wrong priorities.” 



Governor Kim Reynolds Released a Statement Following the Passage of the GOP Tax Bill Calling the Move “An Historic Step” and Commending Congress for “Working Tirelessly to Get that Done.” According to a press release from the Office of Governor Kim Reynolds, “Gov. Kim Reynolds issued the following statement Wednesday, commending passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: ‘Congress took an historic step today with the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. In the more than three decades since the tax code was overhauled in 1986, the global economy has become faster-paced and more interconnected, pitting Iowa’s workforce and job creators against international competition. Iowans deserve a fairer, simpler, more competitive tax code, and I commend Congress, particularly members of the Iowa delegation, and the administration for working tirelessly to get that done.’” [Office of Governor Kim Reynolds press release, 12/20/17]