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Reynolds Can’t Escape Questions About Her Bungled Response to Sexual Harassment

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More than five weeks after Governor Kim Reynolds fired her longtime friend and ally for what she called “credible allegations of sexual harassment,” she’s been unable to escape tough questions about her mishandling of the situation and complete lack of transparency. At a press conference yesterday, every single question Reynolds was asked had to do with Jamison’s firing and why she refused to investigate the alleged problems at the Iowa Finance Authority.
For a timeline of developments related to Reynolds’ mishandling of allegations of sexual harassment and financial mismanagement by her friend and former agency head, click HERE.
“Kim Reynolds’ response to these serious allegations of sexual harassment against her friend and former agency head have left Iowans with more questions than answers,” said DGA Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “It’s no wonder Reynolds continues to face so many questions: she’s misled and kept important information from the public for weeks now and shows no sign of changing her approach as the story continues to develop and new allegations emerge.”