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Reynolds Budget Crisis Strikes Again: More Cuts Coming to University of Iowa

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Reynolds Puts Workforce Development, Veterans on the Chopping Block

In just over a year, Kim Reynolds has created a budget crisis by lining the pockets of special interest groups at the expense of crucial programs on which everyday Iowans rely. The latest victims of the Reynolds Budget Crisis? Students and staff at the University of Iowa.
Earlier this week, University of Iowa announced the closing of seven student centers and laying off of 33 full-time staffers, directly citing Reynolds’ decision to decrease university funding by $9 million dollars. Veterans’ education, technical training for workers, and safety education for farmers are among some the programs to be hardest hit by her reckless cuts.
While Reynolds’ special interest donors are reaping the rewards of taxpayer giveaways, Iowans have seen 35% tuition hikes, lower financial aid and cut jobs across the board.
“Everyday Iowans continue to shoulder the burden of Kim Reynolds’ budget crisis as a direct result of her decision to put special interests ahead of Iowa’s students, workers, and veterans,” said Democratic Governors Association Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “Special interest groups are ecstatic about Reynolds’ taxpayer funded giveaways, while Iowa farmers, veterans, workers, and families are left to suffer. Iowa deserves a governor who will actually support higher education and won’t sell Iowans out to political special interests.”
Here is just a small sample of what else the Reynolds budget has wrought upon Iowans:
Children and families:

  • Schools have been funded at “dismal” levels thanks to the Reynolds Budget Crisis, and the state has been forced to eliminate programs like its third grade summer reading program.
  • Thanks to the budget crisis, Reynolds’ Administration eliminated more than 800 jobs at the agency tasked with protecting Iowa kids from abuse—all while confirmed cases of child abuse in the state are skyrocketing.

Workers and Job Seekers:


  • The Reynolds Administration eliminated nearly all staff visits to nursing homes to investigate complaints of abuse and neglect.

The Deceased: