REVEALED: Eddie Rispone Caught Lying About Why He Skipped Baton Rouge Area Chamber Forum

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Despite Eddie Rispone’s evasions about why he couldn’t make the Baton Rouge Area Chamber forum, we now know he was at a fundraiser in Lafayette.
Rispone didn’t even show up to the Baton Rouge business group’s forum even though his business is a member of the Chamber. Rispone said he had a scheduling conflict but said yesterday, “it came to a conflict” so he decided to “go and take care of some other things.”
Rispone was palling around with Attorney General Jeff Landry, who took credit for a super PAC that was forced to take down an ad for false claims on criminal justice reform.
Rispone is so scared to talk about what he’d actually do as governor he was more comfortable skipping town.
“Rispone got caught lying about a scheduling conflict and chose to evade Louisianans,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Rispone is so scared of sharing his agenda of cutting 300,000 Louisianans’ health care and higher education with voters he would rather lie about a scheduling conflict. Rispone may have been able to weasel his way into this runoff, but he won’t be able to escape how phony he is.”