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Republicans Refuse to Support Gov. Evers’ Plan to Lower Costs, Improve Education, and Fund Child Care

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Republicans in the Wisconsin state legislature are blocking Gov. Tony Evers’ efforts to lower costs, fund child care, and improve education for Wisconsinites.

Less than a minute into a special session called by the governor, the GOP-controlled Wisconsin state legislature gaveled out, refusing to take action on Gov. Evers’ plan to put Wisconsin’s record surplus to work. The plan, which is supported by groups like AARP Wisconsin, would give a $150 tax rebate to every Wisconsin tax filer and each of their dependents, as well as invest in child care and education across the state.

GOP candidate for governor Rebecca Kleefisch called the surplus plan a “non-starter” — even as a recent Marquette poll highlighted that Wisconsinites expect action on rising costs.

While Republicans are leaving Wisconsinites high and dry, Gov. Evers continues to take action to address rising prices. During his first term, Gov. Evers signed historic tax relief for small businesses and delivered a 15 percent income tax cut for working families. Just yesterday, Gov. Evers joined five other Democratic governors in urging Congress to suspend the federal gas tax to give people relief at the gas pump.

“Gov. Tony Evers has outlined a bold plan to invest Wisconsin’s historic surplus into solutions to the biggest challenges facing Wisconsinites,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Instead of taking action and supporting critical and necessary relief, Republicans are sitting on their hands. Wisconsin voters won’t forget how Gov. Evers consistently took action while Republicans turned their backs on them when it mattered most.”