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Republicans Refuse to Back Mark Robinson’s Dangerous Agenda for North Carolina

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Republicans Refuse to Back Mark Robinson’s Dangerous Agenda for North Carolina

Today, North Carolina State Treasurer Dale Folwell, Lt. Governor Mark Robinson’s former primary opponent, refused to endorse Robinson as his party’s nominee, reaffirming his months-long opposition to Robinson’s dangerous agenda, and adding to the list of North Carolina Republicans who refuse to endorse Robinson.

During the primary, Folwell described Robinson as “history’s latest example of someone trying to rise to power through hate.”

In addition to Folwell, U.S. Senator Thom Tillis has refused to endorse Robinson, citing a “stark contrast in capabilities” between Robinson and his primary opponents, and bashing Robinson for having “virtually no legislative experience, very little business experience.” After Robinson secured the GOP nomination, Tillis publicly warned that Robinson was “going to have a lot of trouble” due to his long history of dangerous extremism that’s unpopular with the majority of North Carolinians.

North Carolina’s last Republican governor, Pat McCrory, slammed Robinson for being “Trump on steroids” while also not endorsing Robinson for governor.

“Even North Carolina Republicans know that Mark Robinson is too dangerous to be the next governor,” said DGA National Press Secretary Devon Cruz. “Whether it’s completely banning abortion, defunding public education or ripping away Medicaid expansion, Robinson’s harmful plans would devastate working families and he must be stopped.”