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Republicans Pass On Gov. Evers’ Opportunity to Restore Reproductive Rights in Wisconsin

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Today, Republicans in the Wisconsin legislature refused to vote in or even open Gov. Evers’  special session to create a pathway for voters to repeal the state’s outdated and extreme ban on abortion without exceptions.

The session, which the GOP-run Senate gaveled in and out of in 15 seconds, would’ve given lawmakers the opportunity to overturn the criminal abortion ban and reinstate Wisconsinites’ access to safe, legal abortion, which the majority of Wisconsinites support.

Republicans in the legislature are in lock-step with Tim Michels, who has said he supports an “exact mirror” of Wisconsin’s 1849 law banning abortion without exceptions for rape or incest, which passed before women could vote and would throw doctors and nurses behind bars. He wouldn’t commit to protecting contraception and, in 2004, signed a pledge supporting a constitutional amendment that would have banned abortion nationwide and threatened the legality of contraception and in-vitro fertilization.

Today, Gov. Evers launched a new ad slamming Tim Michels for his extreme and out-of-touch stance on abortion that would force 12-year-olds to give birth, even if they are victims of rape or incest.

“Tim Michels and the rest of the Wisconsin GOP have made it their mission to take away reproductive freedoms for Wisconsinites,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “If Michels is elected governor, Republicans will have a clear path to pass even more extreme restrictions on the right to choose. Gov. Evers is the last line of defense for reproductive health care, and reelecting him in November is the only way to restore and protect abortion rights.”