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Republicans Panic Over McCrory as NCAA Pulls out of North Carolina

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Republicans Panic Over McCrory as NCAA Pulls out of North Carolina

NCAA decision highlights McCrory’s toxicity

 Republicans are fretting over Gov. Pat McCrory’s damaged brand in North Carolina, and the NCAA’s decision to pull championship tournaments out of the state should only heighten their concern.

This morning, Politico reported“North Carolina Republicans are worried about down-ticket drag this fall. But the ticket-topping candidate concerning them most is GOP Gov. Pat McCrory.”

With McCrory’s toxic record on House Bill 2, it’s not hard to wonder why.

 Last night, the NCAA announced the relocation of seven championship tournaments from North Carolina – including the first and second rounds of the 2017 Division I Men’s Basketball Championship Division – due in large part to McCrory’s refusal to repeal or seek changes to the discriminatory anti-LGBT law he signed in March.

Meanwhile, Republicans in state are hitting the panic button over Pat McCrory:

“A lot of people’s inclination to vote Republican down-ballot comes off of the presidential and gubernatorial races, so if you have two races that are Republican and they are not doing well, that makes your race much harder,” said North Carolina Republican-insider Carter Wrenn. 

“The prevailing thought developing within both those operations is that McCrory is a bigger drag on the ticket than Trump,” another North Carolina GOP strategist told Politico“McCrory still thinks he’s the answer to his own problem, but he’s lost credibility with swing voters and with ticket-splitters.”

“Pat McCrory is increasingly a man on an island,” said Jared Leopold, DGA Communications Director. “He has spent 2016 attacking North Carolina employers, the NBA, and the NCAA. Now, even North Carolina Republicans are trying to run away from the damage McCrory has done to the North Carolina economy. It’s no wonder McCrory is the most-endangered incumbent governor in the nation.”

As recently as Friday, McCrory called House Bill 2 “irrelevant” and is currently airing a television ad asking “are we really talking about this?” Amidst McCrory’s HB2 denial, the state has suffered the loss of the NBA All-Star Game, companies have pulled hundreds of jobs out, and the economy has lost millions of dollars in revenue from canceled events and conventions.