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Republicans “Flee” Doug Mastriano, Saying He’s “Too Extreme,” “Too Far Right” to Be Governor

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Even Republicans are making clear that Mastriano is a “clear and present danger to democracy,” saying, “unless something dramatic happens, I can’t cast a vote for him”

Doug Mastriano is so extreme, and his agenda is so fringe that even his fellow Republicans have started “fleeing Mastriano for Shapiro in Pennsylvania.”

Republicans from former Congressmen to state leaders to judges have criticized Doug Mastriano for being a “cult guy” who has alarming plans to take away Pennsylvanians’ rights and is unwilling to put the issues that matter most to Pennsylvanians — like lowering costs, improving education, and keeping communities safe — above his obsession with dangerous election conspiracies and banning abortion.

Here’s what Republicans in PA are saying about Doug Mastriano: 

“[Mastriano is a] clear and present danger to democracy.” — Conservative Federal Judge J. Michael Luttig, Twitter

“I think it would be a disaster to have that guy as governor, to continue this election challenge narrative, and we need to put it past us and move on in this country.” — former GOP Congressman Francis Rooney, CNN

“Mastriano’s nomination as GOP candidate for Governor is a complete catastrophe for Republicans in Pennsylvania.” — former GOP Congressman Charlie Dent, CNN

“[Mastriano] continues to divide us and waste time and taxpayer money on his conspiracy theories and plans to upend Pennsylvania’s elections.” — former Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Denny O’Brien, The Hill

“I think he’s an extreme, dangerous guy who is out of touch with the majority of the people in Pennsylvania.” — former GOP Congressman Jim Greenwood, Philadelphia Inquirer

“[Mastriano is] out of step with where Pennsylvania Republican voters traditionally have been.” — former Trump adviser David Urban, CNN

“[Mastriano is like] Jim Jones in Guyana.” — GOP Insider familiar with the Mastriano Campaign, Politico

“[Mastriano is] the weakest, most beatable candidate possible.” — former GOP candidate for PA Governor and U.S. Attorney in the Trump Administration Bill McSwain, Campaign press release

“Hell, yeah. Everyone that I know has a concern about his electability.” — former campaign finance director for Sen. Pat Toomey, Josh Novotney, Politico

“I have proudly voted for the Republican candidate for Governor throughout my life, but I cannot vote for someone as extreme and dangerous as Doug Mastriano.” — former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Schultz Newman, Erie Times-News

“[Mastriano is] absolutely of the fringe.” — former GOP Congressman Ryan Costello, National Journal

“We should be celebrating the leaders who embrace democratic values and principles, you know, free press, independent judiciary, real elections, and not these folks who are backsliding.” — former GOP Congressman Charlie Dent, CNN

“[Mastriano is] unelectable in November. And the gap is so large that it could put our majorities in the Pennsylvania House and the Pennsylvania Senate in jeopardy.” — Allegheny County GOP Chair Sam DeMarco, WTAE

“I think Mastriano is too hot, too conservative, too far out, too far right for the Pennsylvania general electorate. I think [Democrat] Josh Shapiro will be the victor in that race. And I think that’s why you saw the Wall Street Journal and many mainstream Republicans wringing their hands about Doug Mastriano at the top of the ticket. They fear he’ll be a big drag on the ticket and will weigh down the race.” — former Trump adviser David Urban, CNN