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Republican Mayor Endorses Katie Hobbs

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In another showing of Katie Hobbs’ strong bipartisan support, Mesa Republican Mayor John Giles is endorsing Katie Hobbs for governor.

Giles, who leads Arizona’s third largest city, said in a press conference, “it’s pretty clear to me that Katie Hobbs is a better candidate…Katie Hobbs is more qualified, she’s focused on the issues.”

This is just the latest of Hobbs’ support from across the political spectrum. Last weekend, Mayor Giles and Hobbs stood shoulder to shoulder with high-profile Arizona Republicans who touted their support for her candidacy, including former state legislators and Arizona business leaders.

It’s clearer than ever that Kari Lake has a party problem. Former GOP Gov. Jan Brewer has even suggested she won’t be voting for Lake and said Lake’s toxic claims left her “speechless.” Previously, Liz Cheney said in a visit to Arizona that she’d vote for Katie Hobbs over Kari Lake.

“Republicans, Democrats and Independents are rejecting Kari Lake’s toxic agenda and backing Katie Hobbs because they know they can count on her to govern for all Arizonans,”  said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “With just weeks until Election Day, Hobbs is bringing people together around her positive vision for the state, while Kari Lake continues to divide and distract with the same extremism and conspiracies she’s touted her entire campaign.”