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Republican Ag Commissioner Slams Abbott’s “Catastrophic” Policy Which Forces Food to Rot At the Border As Texans Struggle to Afford Groceries

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Yesterday, Texas Republican Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller slammed Gov. Greg Abbott for his “catastrophic” and “misguided” policy of pulling over and inspecting commercial vehicles coming from Mexico.

In a letter calling on Abbott to end the practice, Miller said the policy will force Texans to pay extremely high prices for groceries — if there’s food on the shelves at all.

“This misguided policy will have little or no impact on the invasion on our southern border,” wrote Miller. “Instead, this policy will hurt Texas and American consumers by driving up already skyrocketing food prices, worsening ongoing supply chain disruptions, causing massive produce shortages, and saddling Texas and American companies with untold losses.”

There are currently reports of 20,000 commercial trucks backed up on the border. Many have been forced to wait hours to get past while carrying produce that will soon spoil. The policy is also hindering exports to Mexico, which is Texas’ biggest trade partner.

Abbott’s leadership has been such a failure he’s facing heat from his own party. Miller is a Republican backed by Donald Trump, whose fierce supporters once chanted “RINO,” “fire Abbott,” and “Abbott sucks” as Abbott took the stage at a Trump rally.

“It is simply political theater,” said Miller. “The people of Texas deserve better!”

“Greg Abbott’s desire to build national political clout has led to yet another catastrophic policy failure with real human consequences,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Staring down potential rising prices and empty shelves, Texans have no one to blame but Abbott and his dangerous political posturing.”