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REPORT: Mark Robinson Claims that Black Americans Should Pay Reparations for Slavery

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REPORT: Mark Robinson Claims that Black Americans Should Pay Reparations for Slavery

A new report from The Grio highlights how Lt. Governor Mark Robinson’s dangerous and extreme comments on race, such as downplaying the KKK and saying that “Black people owe reparations,” could harm his candidacy in the North Carolina gubernatorial race.

As The Grio reported, “[Robinson’s] made incendiary online statements, like downplaying racism and claiming that Black American descendants of enslaved people should pay reparations. The Trump-endorsed gubernatorial candidate also said that Black gang members and Planned Parenthood did more than the Ku Klux Klan to ‘eradicate the Black race.’”

The Grio also highlighted how Robinson’s dangerous views and affinity for fringe conspiracy theories and hate-filled Facebook posts — from calling Michelle Obama a man to pushing the racist birther conspiracy theory about former President Barack Obama — put him “on the outskirts of American politics.” This report comes amidst findings that Robinson has earned praise from white nationalist website Stormfront, and as other North Carolina Republicans continue to keep their distance from their gubernatorial nominee.

As The Grio reports, “political experts and advocates predict his candidacy could backfire in November,” as the threat of a Robinson governorship“could activate Black voters, a loyal Democratic voting bloc, to go to the polls on Nov. 5.”

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