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REPORT: Amidst Misogynistic Outbursts, Robinson Calls for More Men to Be “Chauvinist Pigs”

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REPORT: Amidst Misogynistic Outbursts, Robinson Calls for More Men to Be “Chauvinist Pigs” 

New reporting from the 19th reveals previously unreported comments from Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson that underscore how he has made his dangerous misogyny a cornerstone of his campaign.

In a speech from 2020, Robinson encouraged men to be “chauvinist pig[s],” saying, “we need our own men to stand up and teach our young men how to be men. And when I say men, I mean manly men. I’m talking about the kind of manly men that they want to say, ‘You’re a male chauvinist pig’ or ‘You’re full of machismo’ — you better believe I am…God put that in me to be a man. There’s not anything feminine standing before you.”

Previous reporting revealed that Robinson claimed men — not women — are called to lead, saying, “when it was time to face down Goliath, [God] sent David. Not Davita, David.”

The latest report also highlights Robinson’s particular vitriol for Black women, brought to light last month after a report that Robinson had called Beyoncé a “skank” who teaches “young women how to be hyper-sexual whores.” Robinson has also taken aim at former First Lady Michelle Obama, calling her an “angry anti-American communist Black lady” and saying she speaks “ghetto” and “wookie,” as well as at numerous Black congresswomen.

Robinson’s history of degrading women also includes previously unreported Facebook posts of him mocking and casting doubt on sexual assault victims, insulting their appearances, and defending men who were later found guilty of committing sexual assault.

“Mark Robinson’s total disrespect for women only makes North Carolina less safe,” said DGA National Press Secretary Devon Cruz. “Women’s rights are already under attack, and between Robinson’s history of championing a total abortion ban without exceptions, and his growing record of degrading women and mocking sexual assault survivors, it’s clear he would only drag the state backwards and make life harder for women and girls. Mark Robinson continues to show North Carolinians who he is, and it’s clearer than ever that he does not belong anywhere near the governorship.”