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Reminder: Mayor Allan Fung Ran Cranston’s Police Department “Like a Mafia”

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As Mayor Allan Fung laughably puts forward a “government reform” plan, Rhode Islanders are reminded of hid long history of mismanagement and failing to address waste, fraud, and abuse in Cranston.
Mayor Fung grossly mismanaged the Cranston Police Department, which is much smaller than the state police department Fung hopes to run. An investigation of Fung’s record of dealing with the Cranston Police found the department was run like a “mafia” with Fung intervening into police business and making secret deals on behalf of his friends and allies.
Instead of cleaning up the mess, the investigation found Mayor Fung showed “poor leadership” and “failed to take the necessary and appropriate corrective actions, which empowered others to continue to make unprofessional decisions.” Scandals in Mayor Fung’s police department likely cost taxpayers at least $5 million to $8 million.
As Rhode Island has learned, taxpayers lose out when their leaders encourage a culture of waste, fraud and abuse. Under Mayor Fung, Cranston has been chronically mismanaged and become one of the highest-taxed towns in Rhode Island.
“The irony of Mayor Fung, who cost Cranston taxpayers millions by running his police department ‘like a mafia,’ putting forward a ‘government reform’ plan is just too great. His record makes clear that if elected governor, Fung’s mismanagement and incompetence would take Rhode Island right back to the days of higher taxes and high unemployment,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Fung’s dishonest governing is bad for Cranston and bad for Rhode Island.”