Reminder: Bruce Rauner Most Vulnerable Incumbent in the Nation

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Rauner Job Approval Ratings on Par with Trump After Three Years of Failed Leadership

Today, Governor Bruce Rauner officially announces his re-election campaign and will start his race as the nation’s “most vulnerable incumbent.” After a two year-budget impasse that only drove up debt and drove out jobs, and a general aversion to protecting Illinois from President Trump, Bruce Rauner has to work hard to rehabilitate his image. A July DGA poll found Rauner’s job approval rating at 34% and his disapproval rating at 63%, on par with President Trump. Not great!
Rauner earns the rare distinction of being the nation’s “most vulnerable incumbent” according to multiple political observers:
Cook Political Report: “Rauner has been under siege for much of his term in a standoff with the Democratic-controlled legislature over the state’s budget – or rather, the lack of one…As a Republican in a very blue state, Rauner is the most vulnerable incumbent seeking re-election next year.”
National Journal: “In what could break spending records for a state race, Republicans’ most vulnerable incumbent is seeking a second term after overseeing a two-year budget impasse in a state Hillary Clinton won handily.”
Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball/University of Virginia Center for Politics: “Of all the elected GOP incumbents, Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) of Illinois seems like he is clearly in the most trouble…This is a true Toss-up, although Rauner, who has been feuding with the Democratic legislature his entire time in office, is in really serious trouble.”
Roll Call: “The governor is willing and able to spend tens of millions of dollars to get re-elected. But that doesn’t change the distinct Democratic lean of the state. … The state and political environment will likely work against the governor. Tilt D.”
And most of these came before Rauner’s summer of chaos.
“With nearly two-thirds of Illinoisans agreeing that he is bad at his job, Bruce Rauner seems to be the only person who believes he deserves reelection,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Rauner has failed the voters of Illinois and earned the title ‘most vulnerable incumbent’ in the nation. His two-year budget fiasco only increased debt and worsened the economy for middle-class families. No matter how many millions he spends, Rauner cannot escape the fact that Illinois is clearly worse off than it was before three years of his failed leadership.”