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“Reeks of Cronyism” — David Perdue Sues Over Brian Kemp’s Fundraising in “Epic GOP Primary Battle”

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The “scorched earth” Georgia GOP primary for governor escalated to a new level last week when David Perdue’s campaign filed a lawsuit challenging a law that gives Brian Kemp’s reelection campaign a “huge financial boost.”

​​The law, which Kemp signed behind closed doors, allows incumbents like himself to create special committees that raise unlimited contributions during the primary while all other candidates have contribution limits.

Perdue wasted no time flinging insults at Kemp, saying the law “reeks of cronyism and corruption.” Kemp’s team fired back, even referring to Perdue’s record of shady stock deals.

“Kemp’s political team has good reason to want a massive political war chest,” reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The governor is set for a bitter war against Perdue and Trump’s loyal base.

The “epic GOP primary battle” has escalated since Perdue joined the race with Trump’s backing. Via the leadership committee in question, Kemp released a nasty attack ad on Perdue last month, and Perdue is packing his campaign staff with former Kemp allies.

“It’s an indication that the former senator’s bid to unseat Kemp will be a professional operation not to be taken lightly,” said the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“David Perdue and Brian Kemp are gearing up for the ugliest, most divisive primary in Georgia history,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “While Perdue and Kemp fight each other, Georgians deserve a leader who will bring people together and solve the challenges working families face every day.”