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The Long Arm of the Law Reaches Republican Governors

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Instead of focusing on job creation, Republican governors across the country have been busy attacking workers’ rights, forcing invasive and unnecessary medical procedures on women, and suppressing voting rights in a bold political power grab. Now it looks like the law is finally starting to catch up to them.
This past week, judges across the nation struck down unconstitutional measures enacted by Republican Governors Scott Walker, Rick Scott, and Chris Christie on a broad range of issues related to voter suppression, dismantling pension benefits, and interference in the housing market.
While the legal system is saying ‘no’ to Republican overreach, voters across the country have also been punishing Republican governors for pushing extreme far right agendas that have nothing to do with creating jobs and expanding opportunity. Last year, Ohioans rejected John Kasich’s union busting bill by a 2-1 margin. And last month, massive protests in Virginia stopped Governor Bob McDonnell from signing the most outrageous version of an already-extreme mandatory ultrasound bill. McDonnell was even forced to admit that the bill was such a blatant violation of a woman’s right to privacy that it likely would not stand up in court.
With a record like this, you’d think Republican governors would stop the shenanigans and focus on passing laws that are…well…legal.