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Rebecca Kleefisch Refuses to Denounce Campaign Leadership’s Derogatory Tweets on White Supremacy and Transgender Issues

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New reporting from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel exposes a member of Rebecca Kleefisch’s campaign leadership for posting tweets containing harmful comments regarding white supremacy and transgender issues.

Since 2019, Scarlett Johnson posted tweets suggesting she isn’t worried about white supremacy, calling Planned Parenthood a white supremacist group and asking, “how many gay men want to date men with vaginas?”

In 2020, as Wisconsin faced a reckoning about the real danger of white supremacy, Johnson tweeted, “yeah, the threat of white supremacy keeps me up at night … ” next to a picture of a yawning sloth.

After the Journal Sentinel questioned Johnson on the tweets, she attempted to cover up her offensive comments by deleting her Twitter account. Kleefisch and her campaign have refused to denounce the comments, instead referring to the reporting as “political games.”

It’s no surprise Kleefisch is enabling the hateful comments — Radical Rebecca has a history of making derogatory remarks. She once used a racially derogatory term to suggest the children of immigrants should be banned from voting. Kleefisch also compared homosexuality to bestiality and stood by comments that rape victims should “turn lemons into lemonade.”

“Rebecca Kleefisch has a long record of making dangerous and derogatory comments, and now she’s staying quiet while her campaign leadership does the same,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “To stand by such hateful rhetoric is disqualifying for any candidate running for governor. Kleefisch should immediately denounce the harmful comments made by her campaign leadership.”