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Rebecca Kleefisch Flip-Flops on Support for Recalls

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Recalls for Thee, But Not for Me”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has caught Rebecca Kleefisch flip-flopping her stance on recalls for political benefit. Kleefisch opposed a 2012 recall attempt when she was the target, but she’s now thrown her support behind a school board recall driven by far-right conspiracy theories surrounding COVID-19 restrictions and critical race theory.

Desperate to shore up the support of Trump’s base after he snubbed Kleefisch and encouraged a run from Sean Duffy, Radical Rebecca has moved even further right since her time in the catastrophic Scott Walker administration. Kleefisch called the 2012 recall effort “a spectacle,” but she’s changed her tune now that she and her supporters serve to benefit from a recall attempt.

In addition to amplifying extremist dog-whistles, Kleefisch’s support of the school board recall would benefit Scarlett Johnson, a far-right member of Kleefisch’s campaign leadership and school board challenger.

The Journal Sentinel reported on Kleefisch’s flip-flopping the same day that they also exposed Johnson for posting derogatory tweets, which Kleefisch has yet to condemn.

“Rebecca Kleefisch will say and do whatever it takes to win the support of Donald Trump’s far-right base, even if it means flip-flopping her stances,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Kleefisch’s support of this recall attempt only solidifies her self-serving, radical shift to the right. Wisconsinites will see right through Kleefisch’s hypocrisy and vote against her unpopular agenda next November.”