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Rauner’s Weak-Kneed Response to Roy Moore Looks Worse This Morning

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Rauner Refused to Break with Mega-Donor Bankrolling Roy Moore, Never Publicly Backed Moore’s Opponent

Last night, the state of Alabama forcefully rejected Roy Moore’s senatorial bid in contrast to Governor Bruce Rauner’s tepid response to his candidacy. Just weeks ago, Rauner rejected calls to break with his mega-donor ally Richard Uihlein after it was reported he was the largest donor to a Roy Moore Super PAC; Uihlein even donated $50,000 AFTER allegations against Moore surfaced. Rauner was asked repeatedly but refused to return the $2.6 million he’s received from Uihlein over the years.

Rauner also refused to show the leadership other Republicans exhibited and back Democrat Doug Jones in the race. Republican Governor Charlie Baker said he “obviously” was backing Jones, Senator Jeff Flake donated to Jones, and Alabama Republican Richard Shelby called on Republicans to write-in someone else. No such calls came from Rauner. 

Exit polls showed President Donald Trump had a 48/48 approval rating among the Alabama electorate, and just like in Virginia, a wave of suburban disgust and democratic energy threw Moore to the curb. This should keep the nation’s most vulnerable incumbent up at night.

“Last night, the voters of ruby-red Alabama did more than what Bruce Rauner’s been willing to do and broke with President Trump,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Rauner repeatedly refused to show leadership during Moore’s candidacy and simply reinforced voters’ perception of him as unwilling to stand up to Trump’s Republican Party. Now Trump’s brand is on the run, and Rauner’s weak-kneed response to his presidency is looking more problematic every day.”