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Rauner’s Veterans Home Scandal Deepens, Calling into Question Rauner’s Actions During Outbreak

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Rauner Attended Event with Veterans’ Director While Quincy Home Outbreak Developed

Two new reports out today added more questions about Governor Bruce Rauner’s administration’s response to the tragic Legionnaires’ disease outbreak at the Quincy Veterans’ Home. Ultimately, 13 people died in 2015. The Herald-Whig obtained lawsuits that detail how residents were not tested or treated in a timely fashion, despite showing symptoms of the disease. Why did the Rauner administration not take more aggressive steps to ensure everyone was tested and cared for knowing the deadliness of the disease? 

Secondly, Capitol Fax reported Governor Bruce Rauner attended a veterans’ honor flight with his Veterans’ Affairs Director after the Governor’s office was informed of the outbreak, but before the public was alerted. This meeting calls into question Rauner’s role in the then-unfolding situation at the Quincy Veterans’ Home. Was Rauner briefed by his Veterans’ Affairs Director during this meeting? Did Rauner and the Director talk about when the public should be informed?

So far, Rauner’s administration has done nothing to address the questions raised by WBEZ’s heartbreaking account from Wednesday. As new information leaks out, those questions will only grow. 

“Bruce Rauner’s administration already failed veterans at the Quincy home, and now he is refusing to be transparent about what happened,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “The families of the deceased should not need to find out what happened to their loved ones through press reports. Rauner needs to come clean about what he knew when, and what he did about it. This is not the time for Rauner to simply duck accountability for his administration’s failures like he always does.”