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Rauner’s Reelection Takes Another Hit as Republican Sam McCann Officially Enters Gov Race

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Today, Republican state Senator Sam McCann will reportedly file to run for governor on the Conservative Party ticket, further hurting Governor Bruce Rauner’s reelection campaign. Rauner’s already seen as “easily the most vulnerable incumbent,” and McCann’s candidacy in the race “would be expected to draw support from GOP base voters” and further complicate Rauner’s unity efforts.
Rauner’s already been unable to move on from the divisive primary election he won by only 3 points. Rauner still has not earned the endorsement of his primary opponent, state Representative Jeanne Ives, and was even asked last week how important would an endorsement from Ives be for his fledging reelection campaign. After today, it’s clear her support is more necessary than ever.
“Just when he needs to turn to the general election, Bruce Rauner will have to keep refighting the battles of the primary,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Rauner divided the Republican Party with his lies, and now Jeanne Ives voters will have another opportunity to express their displeasure with Rauner’s failed leadership.”