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Rauner’s New Right-Wing Staff Not as Silent as the Governor on Health Care

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Will Rauner’s Right-Wing Reset Include Siding with IPI, and Calling for Ending ACA’s Expansion?

This morning, the Senate Republicans released their newest version of Trumpcare, and will look to vote on the measure in the coming days. Last time the Senate offered legislation it failed in part due to pressure from Republican and Democratic Governors…not named Bruce Rauner

Despite the calls for leadership from the public and press, Rauner refused to comment on Trumpcare. Rauner was ridiculed for his silence. The Sun-Times called Rauner “AWOL” while Lynn Sweet wondered if Rauner had any “guiding principles.” Greg Hinz of Crain’s Chicago said Rauner’s silence was “lame” while other Governors forcefully spoke out.

Trumpcare has the potential to devastate Illinois’ budget and people. Its cuts to Medicaid would blow a $40 billion hole in the state’s budget. Rauner, fresh off his latest bipartisan budget defeat, has chosen to ignore this ax hanging over the fiscal future of the state. 

One Illinois group has an idea, though; The Illinois Policy Institute has called for ending the Medicaid Expansion in Obamacare, currently providing coverage to 650,000 Illinois residents, to cut the budget.

Does Governor Rauner agree with his new staff that Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion needs to be rolled back?

“For months, Rauner kept his silence on Trumpcare for political expediency,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “He has failed to lead in the Trumpcare debate and abdicated responsibility for standing up for the welfare of Illinois’ residents. Trumpcare would drive up premiums for middle-class families while stripping protections for people, and blowing a hole in the state budget. While other Republican Governors have stood up and made their voices heard, Rauner’s silence on Trumpcare helps it succeed.”