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Rauner’s Failing Re-election Campaign Accepts $20 Million From Trumpcare Supporter

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The Democratic Governors Association released the following statement regarding Ken Griffin’s $20 million donation to Governor Bruce Rauner:
“Rather than focus on the budget, Governor Rauner has turned to Trump donor Ken Griffin for $20 million to try to salvage his failing re-election campaign,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Now we know why Bruce Rauner won’t stand up to Donald Trump: Rauner’s top donor enthusiastically supports Trumpcare. Bruce Rauner has shown he’ll choose Donald Trump over the people of Illinois every day of the week.”  


Griffin Praised Trump’s First 100 Days, Tax And Healthcare Reform Efforts.According to Institutional Investor, “Among those positively inclined towards Trump after the first 100 days of his presidency was Ken Griffin, the founder and CEO of the $26 billion, Chicago-based hedge fund firm Citadel. Although President Trump has yet to sign any major legislation, Griffin, speaking on a panel, praised the president’s efforts at tax and healthcare reform.” [Institutional Investor, 5/1/17]
Ken Griffin Gave $100,000 To Trump’s Inauguration. According to CBS News, “Billionaire investor Paul Singer gave $1 million after long expressing skepticism about Trump. Like Singer, Chicago hedge fund manager Ken Griffin, conspicuously avoided giving money to Trump’s campaign during the general election. Griffin gave the Trump inaugural $100,000.” [CBS News, 4/20/17]