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Rauner’s “Current Status” with Ives: She Won’t Talk to Me

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At a press conference this morning, Governor Bruce Rauner lamented the sad state of his relationship with primary challenger state Representative Jeanne Ives:

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Reporter: Have you and Jeanne Ives spoken? Have you reached out to her, can you just walk us through your contact with her [inaudible]?
Rauner: We called her, her office, right after the primary. We were told at the time that she did not have an interest in speaking with me or meeting with me, at this point. That’s the current status. Hopefully we’ll be talking soon. I look forward to that.

The update on the frayed relationship comes as Rauner has flailed for weeks in a desperate attempt to unite his broken party. Nearly three weeks into the general election and Ives is still calling the failed governor a liar while promising to continue holding him accountable for the rest of his term.
“Nearly three weeks after 48% of Republican voters rejected Bruce Rauner’s failed leadership, Rauner has done nothing to repair his relationship with his base,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Jeanne Ives and Republican voters know Rauner has failed Illinois’ families, so it’s no surprise she won’t pick up the phone.”