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Rauner Won’t Quit on Greitens, Decision to Pull Ad “Not Related” to Blackmail Accusations

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Rauner Left Ad Up on Facebook, Refused to Say Greitens Should Resign

Governor Bruce Rauner reiterated yesterday that an ad, featuring embattled Governor Eric Greitens, was only taken down because of scheduling. Rauner said the campaign decision to take down the ad was “not related” to news that Greitens has been accused of blackmailing his mistress, or that Greitens is facing calls for his own resignation. Nope, Rauner was not making any grand statement with his decision. 

Rauner’s put at least $1.3 million behind an ad featuring Governor Greitens, which has been running on and off since Rauner announced for reelection. When news broke last week that Greitens was accused of blackmailing his mistress, Rauner did not renounce Greitens’ endorsement and his campaign told reporters the ad was simply being shifted out of rotation. Rauner’s campaign even left up a Facebook post with the ad.

Yesterday, Rauner was asked if the ad came down because of accusations against Greitens – Rauner said that was not the case (watch here):

“Question: In regard to your past political support for Governor Greitens, maybe you can tell us why the ‘Thank You, Mike Madigan’ ad was pulled and do you think Governor Greitens should resign?

“Rauner: Ah, well, the charges that have been made, the allegations in that situation are very serious. There is an investigation underway. And I do hope they get to the truth in that situation very quickly.

“Question: So, you have not made any decision on whether he should resign?

“Rauner: I think the investigation is underway.

“Question: Why was the ad pulled, the ‘Thank You, Mike Madigan’ ad?

“Rauner: Ah, I don’t think those were related. I think there’s a plan in place that’s been going on for a while about messaging and that’s a separate issue.”

Back at home, members of his own party are calling for Greitens to step aside. But not Bruce Rauner, who has not ruled out running the ad again. 

“Bruce Rauner is sticking by his political allies rather than doing what is right,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “It’s time for Rauner to cut ties with Governor Greitens, stop playing his video on social media, and promise never to run the ad again. Rauner has failed to show any moral leadership this week and giving political support to an accused blackmailer is sending the wrong message.”