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Rauner Waits Until After Big Fundraiser to Call Special Session

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Rauner Funneling Money to IL GOP To Continue Running Attack Ads During Budget Negotiations

Last week, Bruce Rauner held a memorable press conference where he attacked Democrats for holding “sham” hearings with “props” disguised as people, and threatened to “force” legislators back to Springfield for a Special Session. It was great theater.  

And only that. Rauner waited two weeks to “force” legislators back because he could not call it before his big fundraiser on the 19th. That would have been bad optics. 

And really his big press conference was one big play itself. The whole event came on the heels of a three-day campaign-like swing featuring the same kind of people “props” he would decry the next day.  

Over the next few days, Rauner will play the part of compromiser, all the while funneling millions to the Illinois GOP to continue running attack ads during budget negotiations. 

The role that he was born for? “Most vulnerable incumbent in the nation.”

“Bruce Rauner’s decision to hold a fundraiser before calling a special session shows voters exactly what his priorities are,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “The fact is that Bruce Rauner is more interested in playing politics than getting a real deal done for the people of Illinois. Holding fundraisers and campaign-style events, and running attack ads, is exactly the theatrical politics that landed his as ‘most vulnerable incumbent in the nation.’”