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Rauner Unleashes “Controversial” Vetoes on Illinois, Turns Back on Veterans and Teachers

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Over the last few days, Governor Bruce Rauner’s unleashed a “series of controversial” vetoes on bipartisan legislation that left one analyst suggesting they “probably didn’t help him” in his tough reelection battle. In fact, Rauner made abundantly clear to Illinois teachers, veterans, families, and immigrants that he has turned his back on them.
“This week, Bruce Rauner once again abandoned Illinois teachers, veterans, and families in pursuit of his fleeting reelection bid,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Already badly trailing in the polls after a two-year budget impasse, Rauner is adding insult to injury by vetoing critical legislation that would help working families across the state.”


Rauner nixed a bill to raise teachers’ minimum salaries despite the state suffering from a shortage of educators. Then, he rolled back protections on short-term healthcare plans in the wake of President Donald Trump’s dismantling of the healthcare system. Rauner even vetoed a bill designed to help “immigrant crime victims” “despite earlier approving welfare assistance for immigrants in similar circumstances.”
Perhaps Rauner’s most noteworthy move came when he amendatorily vetoed a bill that would raise the cap for negligent death from $100,000 to $2 million. The bill was the direct result of his administration’s mismanagement of a Legionnaires’ outbreak at a Veterans’ home. Twelve families are suing the state for wrongful death but Rauner wiped his hands of responsibility, explaining months ago that “these things happen.”