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Rauner Unity Watch: GOP Infighting Spreads to Chair (Day 37)

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Governor Bruce Rauner’s attempts at party unity hit another snag yesterday as the fight over the Illinois GOP got legal. Natasha Korecki of POLITICO Illinois reported that party “infighting” has “spilled into the race for Illinois Republican Party chairman” and “opening a new divide in a state party that just can’t heal itself.”
So far, Rauner’s failed spectacularly at bringing the party together after his bruising primary with state Representative Jeanne Ives. He’s failed to reach out to Ives or her supporters, repeatedly lied about their conversations, and suffered a devastating blow with Republican state Senator Sam McCann entering the race. Now, he cannot even get his party chair re-elected without scandal and infighting.
“Just when Bruce Rauner needs his party to come together, it’s falling apart at the seams,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Rauner’s unity tour has been beset by lies and revolts, and his failure to win back Jeanne Ives’ supporters continues to hurt the most vulnerable incumbent’s failing reelection.”