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Rauner Twice Dodges Question if He Will Campaign with Trump

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Rauner Praises Trump’s Economic Policies, So Why Doesn’t Rauner Invite Trump to Illinois?

On Friday, Governor Bruce Rauner dodged two direct questions about whether he wanted President Donald Trump to come campaign for him, marking the second time in as many weeks Rauner refused to answer about Trump’s support. Rauner did “applaud” Trump for his tax and regulatory policy and claimed Trump’s actions “helped the American economy boom.”
Bill Cameron, of Connected to Chicago, twice asked Rauner if he wanted Trump’s help in the fall. Rauner first said he wanted “every possible support” he could get, which has to be true for a candidate with approval rating is in the 30’s, and then completely dodged a follow-up question. Just over a week ago, Rauner dodged the same question by claiming he wanted “support from everyone I possibly can.”
“If Bruce Rauner thinks so highly of President Trump’s economic policies, why won’t he say if he wants Trump to campaign for him?” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Rauner has supported President Trump’s policies, so if there’s a reason he does not want Trump in Illinois, he should just come out and say so.”


Listen Here (starting at 8:55)

Bill Cameron: Trump, do you want him to come to Illinois to come and campaign with you?
Rauner: I want every possible support I can. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Conservatives, Liberals. This election is about the people of Illinois standing up to a corrupt political machine.
Bill Cameron: Maybe Trump at a downstate rally with you before it’s over?
Rauner: Um, you know I was just in Washington, at the White House, this week. I was meeting with Vice President Mike Pence, he’s a good friend of mine. I was there meeting with him to talk about many issues, particularly tariffs and trade. I’m deeply concerned. We do need to change some of the unfair trade deals. America has been taken advantage of by other countries, especially China, and we’ve lost American jobs as a result. So, we do need to change some of those trade deals. That said, trade wars, nobody’s a winner, and tariff wars are devastating. We can’t let a tariff war destroy manufacturing or farmers in Illinois. And I was there to talk about that.
Bill Cameron: What do you think of Trump so far?
Rauner: Well, I’ll say this. What’s, what the White House and the Congress have done to cut and reform our taxes has helped the American economy boom and I applaud them for that. What they’ve done to reduce regulatory burden on businesses around America has mostly, not entirely, but mostly been great and helped the American economy boom. And we’re creating good paying jobs and rising family incomes and I applaud them for that.