Rauner Tries Avoiding Trump Visit – A Comedy of Errors

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Governor Bruce Rauner sure was in a pickle yesterday. Rauner has been singing President Donald Trump’s praises as he deals with a damaging rift in his Republican base, but still had cold feet about appearing with Trump in pubic. When the President announced he was coming to Granite City, Rauner showcased a comedy of errors trying to avoid Trump:

Here’s the pickle – while Rauner tries to win back conservative voters, his absence was not missed by supporters of his primary rival, state Representative Jeanne Ives.
“Bruce Rauner’s desperate reelection campaign plunged to new lows this week, with Rauner trying every lame stunt in the book to avoid his partner, President Trump,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Illinois families will never forget how Rauner failed to stand up against President Trump’s harmful agenda. And every time Rauner dodges Trump in public, he gives skeptical conservative voters even more reason to vote for Republican Sam McCann this November.”