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Rauner Tells Voter One Thing, Then Tells Reporters Another, On Guns Safety Bills

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The Effingham Daily News reported that Governor Bruce Rauner told a voter he was going to veto the gun violence prevention bills heading for his desk, despite publicly saying he is considering the legislation. The Daily News quoted Justin Oseland of Cumberland County, who said the Governor was clear about his intent to veto the pending bills:

“He said I have his support for the second amendment, and (he) will veto all of the bills, with maybe the exception of bump stocks, if they can come to some sort of consensus.” 

Rauner’s been dodging tough press questions for weeks. When the Effingham Daily News tried to follow-up with Rauner’s staff, they were told the Governor “will carefully review all bills that are sent to his desk.” He’s told other reporters he wanted a “conversation” on and an “examination” of gun laws, and said he would be“open to considering changes in regulations.” Behind closed doors, it appears to be a different story.
Is Rauner hiding his true position from the public?
“Illinoisans are clamoring for leadership on gun violence prevention but Bruce Rauner’s more focused on dodging reporters’ questions,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Unfortunately, this is nothing new for Illinois voters. Once again, Rauner fails to provide leadership on another issue, and shows he’s more concerned with his political future than protecting Illinois families.”