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Rauner Takes To Facebook To Dodge Tough Questions On His Administration’s Failures

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Missing From Event Were Any Questions Of Rauner’s Culpability In Budget Impasse

Today Bruce Rauner went on Facebook Live and explained to Illinois voters why, for a third straight year, there probably will not be a budget under his failed Governorship.
What was missing from Rauner’s event was any hint of personal responsibility; instead of showing any leadership, Governor Rauner continued to cast the blame on others.
Here is the reality. It is under Governor Bruce Rauner that the state’s credit was downgraded to near junk status, unpaid bills rose threefold, and schools are owed $1 billion. It’s under Governor Rauner that the state’s university system is teetering on failure.
As hard as he tries, Rauner cannot escape the fact that under him the state of Illinois is falling behind.
“Bruce Rauner can take all of the screened Facebook questions he wants, he still has failed to prove that he can pass a budget and govern the state,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Illinois families are tried of watching the state fall backwards under Rauner’s failed leadership in Springfield. They want a Governor that will take responsibility and move the state forward.”