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Rauner Takes Issue With Athletes Expressing Civil Rights, But Not With Trump’s Comments About Athletes, Trumpcare, DACA, …. etc

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Yesterday, Governor Rauner’s office sent a “pointed” statement to Politico’s Natasha Korecki expressing his displeasure with professional football players taking a knee during the national anthem as a form of protest against police brutality. Rauner happens to be a part-owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers – the team stayed in the locker room in protest during the anthem. Rauner’s statement read,
“I strongly disagree with those who disrespect our flag and our anthem… To me they are disrespecting the foundations of our country, the veterans who risked their lives for our democracy, and the men and women who fight every day and make the ultimate sacrifice to defend our liberties.”
Rauner’s unusually strong statement comes in contrast to almost every other statement he has made on other controversial issues. What follows is a partial list of things Bruce Rauner will not take a stand on:

  • President Trump’s characterization of a protesting athlete as a “son of a bitch”;
  • Congressional Republican’s latest health care overhaul which would blow a hole in Illinois’ budget while stripping away needed protections for families and causing 1 million to lose their coverage;
  • President Trump’s efforts to sabotage health insurance markets;
  • A cartoon deemed racist by the Illinois legislature, drawn by his close allies and causing a second overhaul of his staff;
  • Whether the terrorist attack in Charlottesville was “terrorism”;
  • President Trump’s decision to end the DACA program putting 42,000 Illinoisans at risk of deportation;
  • The Trump Administration’s threat to revoke Chicago’s federal funding over Sanctuary City policies;
  • A bill preserving a woman’s right to an abortion;
  • President Trump’s decision to withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • And President Trump’s job performance;

Again, this is a partial list.
“The fact that Bruce Rauner will comment on a sports debate and not on legislation that can take away health care from a million Illinois residents shows just how misplaced his priorities really are,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Time after time Rauner has refused to protect or fight for Illinois families on issues of extreme consequence. His abdication of leadership on issues like Trumpcare will only lead to families getting hurt. But just like he did on the state’s education bill, Rauner’s decided to play into the politics of division in support of his political future. Rauner’s statement on the NFL protest is just another example of his failed leadership.”