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Rauner Still Needs to Answer for His Admin’s Mismanagement at Quincy

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Today, Governor Bruce Rauner returns to the Quincy Veterans’ Home where three years of Legionnaires’ outbreaks killed 13 and enveloped his administration in scandal. The past six months has been a constant drip of new revelations about the Rauner administration’s fatal mismanagement at Quincy, and instead of addressing what went wrong, Rauner’s team has focused on deflecting blame or obscuring the truth.
As such, Rauner’s left the following questions unanswered:

  • Does Rauner believe that family members should have been notified about the outbreak sooner than the six days it took?
  • Why did Rauner accuse home workers of lying about when they learned about the outbreak, when Rauner’s own Department of Labor “formally rebuked” the administration for failing to notify staff?
  • How does Rauner believe Director Erica Jeffries performed in her duties overseeing the veterans’ home?
  • Does Rauner think it was appropriate that his former top aide Darlene Senger wanted to “tie this back” to combat veteran and U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth?
  • If WBEZ never ran its story six months ago, would Rauner have visited the home, convened a working group, and proposed rebuilding the facility? What does that say about Rauner’s (mis)management of the crisis?

“Bruce Rauner has spent more time deflecting blame for the 13 deaths at the Quincy Veterans’ Home than answering questions about what went wrong,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “The fact that Rauner will not answer for his administration’s fatal mismanagement speaks volumes of his failed leadership in office.”