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Rauner Spends The Weekend Ducking Questions And Responsibilities

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Yet Still Finds Time To Return To Campaign Trail Instead Of Negotiating On The Budget

Bruce Rauner’s weekend can be summed up with two words: “failed leadership.” With the state budget negotiations falling apart, Governor Rauner hit the campaign trail and ducked any and all questions that came his way.

In just a few days, Rauner:

  • Refused to take any responsibility for the budget impasse during a WBEZ interview;
  • Ducked a question on why his administration claimed it increased education funding when the state owed schools $1 billion;
  • And was called out by in scathing Crain’s editorial for failing to explain his position on the health care overhaul (and dodging another paper’s questions); Crain’s wrote that even though 57 percent of the state budget went to health care spending, Rauner has been “very mum” on the federal effort. Crain’s continued, “Still, we know next to nothing about what he’s doing to shape the Obamacare replacement, what his concerns really are, what solutions he envisions or what he’ll stand for and stand against as the legislation makes its way through Congress. Meanwhile, Republican governors elsewhere are weighing in quite publicly.

Bruce Rauner did find time for a political fundraiser and campaign event…but then ran away from a reporter who asked him why he was campaigning with the budget unfinished. 

“Bruce Rauner may dodge questions, but he can not longer duck from his record of failed leadership,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Illinois voters have legitimate concerns about the fate of their health care and the strength of their schools, and they deserve more than a cold shoulder from the Governor. Bruce Rauner should step up and lead, because he can’t dodge the voters of Illinois.”