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Rauner Sides with Trump as Illinois Insurance Premiums Estimated to Go Up 20%

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Yesterday, Governor Bruce Rauner admitted what his silence has long said – he’s on board with President Donald Trump’s policies. Rauner’s campaign told Capitol Fax that “the governor supports the president and Republicans in Congress on the need to fix our broken health care system and for lower taxes.”
What does that mean for an Illinois resident? At the very least, higher insurance premiums. A study put out last month found that changes in President Trump’s tax overhaul will drive up health premiums by 19.4% for a 40-year old Illinois resident on the exchange. While Rauner’s been silently supportive of Trump’s health care actions, he’s been vocal in his support of Trump’s tax overhaul even as it hits Illinois residents in their pocketbook.
“Bruce Rauner is supporting President Trump as Illinois residents literally pay the price,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Rauner’s refusal to protect Illinois families from Trump is just another failure by the nation’s most vulnerable incumbent.”