Rauner Shields Trump as Premiums Set to Rise 20% With 350,000 Illinoisans in the Marketplace

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Over the past two days, President Donald Trump announced he would end ACA subsidies for people buying insurance on the individual healthcare marketplace and issued an executive order expected to further destabilize the market. Rates are expected to rise 20% or more.
For months, Governor Bruce Rauner sat quietly on the sideline as President Trump worked to end the Affordable Care Act, despite the consequences in store for Illinois families. Recently, Rauner even deflected blame for President Trump by trying to tie recent instability in the marketplace back to President Obama. When asked what he’s doing to protect Illinoisans, Rauner claims, without evidence, that he’s talking to leaders in Washington.
Well, now Governor Rauner has an old friend to call. Earlier this week his old health care advisor, Eric Hargan, was named acting Secretary of President Trump’s HHS. Hargan served as the “Co-Chair and Convener of the Healthcare and Human Services Transition Committee for Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner.” Will Rauner call acting HHS Secretary Hargan and prevail on him to protect the 350,000 Illinoisans  in the marketplace? Or will he continue to stand by as Illinois families see their rates rise?
“Premiums are set to skyrocket for Illinois families and Governor Rauner has not lifted a finger to stop it,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “For months, Rauner sat idly by as Trump worked to strip needed health protections and destroy the state budget. Now Trump’s reckless actions will hit voters in their pocketbook and Bruce Rauner’s silence is only making things worse for families. It’s time for Bruce Rauner to stop shielding President Trump and start standing up for Illinois.