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Rauner Refuses to Return Donations from Roy Moore’s Biggest Backer

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Rauner Received $2.6 Million from Mega-Donor, Who’s Propping Up Roy Moore’s Campaign

Yesterday, the Daily Beast reported that one of Governor Bruce Rauner’s mega-donors also happens to be a Roy Moore Super PAC’s largest funder. Richard Uihlein, who has given $2.6 million to Bruce Rauner and many millions more to Rauner allies, donated $100,000 to Roy Moore in two donations. One came AFTER Moore was accused of preying on underage women.
Today, Amanda Vinicky of WTTW Chicago asked Bruce Rauner if he would return the $2.6 million from Richard Uihlein (watch here):
“Amanda Vinicky: The Democratic Governors Association is calling on you to return any contributions from Dick Uihlein given the money that he has given to Roy Moore. Are you planning to returning those contributions at all and what are your thoughts in general on Uihlein’s giving [inaudible]?
Governor Rauner: As I have stated publicly, I agree with those who have called for Roy Moore to step aside and not run for Senate. I urge him to step aside and let another candidate emerge.
Vinicky: But what about Dick Uihlein’s contributions? He’s given you, I believe, $2.6 million dollars last time around. I don’t know how your relations are with him these days. Does that change at all?
Rauner: As I’ve said, I have urged Roy Moore to step aside as the candidate for U.S. Senate.” 
Sounds like he’s keeping the money.
“Today is just another example of Bruce Rauner’s failure to lead,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Rauner could have sent a strong message that what Roy Moore is accused of is reprehensible. Instead, he’s decided to stick by his mega-donor ally who just happens to be Roy Moore’s biggest financial backer. When push comes to shove, Rauner always puts his own political future first.”