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Rauner Refuses to Criticize Trump Policies that Target Illinoisans

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At a Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board meeting yesterday, Governor Bruce Rauner once again showed Illinois voters he will not stand up to President Trump and his policies. Rauner told the board that his “biggest concern” with Trump was the “the rhetoric, the tone, the words.” Not the policies. 

Rauner’s statement rings true – he has either been supportive or silent in the face of Trump’s presidency, so policy does not appear to be a “concern” for Rauner. Illinois residents, however, are suffering under Trump’s dangerous agenda:

The Sun-Times reported he “noted there are ‘things’ Trump does that he agrees with and others that he doesn’t.” If he actually disagreed with any of Trump’s policies, shouldn’t he name them? 

“If Bruce Rauner’s only problem with President Trump is his bad-mouth, he’s not paying attention,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “President Trump policies are threating Illinois families’ pocketbooks and livelihoods, but all Rauner wants Trump to do is tone down his language. Rauner’s admission comes as no surprise – he’s been silently supportive of Trump’s agenda despite the damage done to the state. Rauner is failing Illinois by giving Trump a free pass.”