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Rauner Reboot Richard and Running Mate Cozy Up to Far-Right Extremists

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Irvin Condones Their Racist Rhetoric and Homophobic Attacks 

Richard Irvin is still failing to answer simple questions from the public and the press, but recently he’s found time to attend a far-right fundraiser in support of a slew of unsavory figures in the Illinois GOP.

Since Irvin has been busy hiding behind Ken Griffin’s Rauner Reboot money and has yet to come clean on his stances, voting record, or party loyalty, voters are left with more questions than answers. Questions such as:

  • Does Irvin find Northwest Side GOP Chairman Matt Podgorski’s racist memes funny? 

In an attempt to prove the ticket’s conservative bonafides, Irvin’s running mate Avery Bourne recently met with far-right figures.

“The closer Reboot Richard and Avery Bourne cozy up to Republican extremists, the louder their silence on critical issues becomes,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Once again, who and what does Irvin stand for?”