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Rauner Quietly Hires New DCFS Director and Continues Silence on Agency’s Scandal  

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Late last Friday, Governor Rauner’s administration announced the appointment of Beverly Walker to head the state’s troubled Department of Children and Family Services after the resignation of George Sheldon.

Governor Rauner has not, however, gone into any details about the scandals that engulfed DCFS and played a part in the Sheldon’s resignation. Nor has Rauner explained to the public what it was doing to correct the mistakes of the past and prevent future tragedies. In his only public comments on Sheldon’s resignation, Rauner said his administration was “investigating everything” pertaining to the ex-Director’s tenure, yet the public has seen nothing.

All the public knows is that Bruce Rauner did not ask for George Sheldon’s resignation and does not think his hiring was a mistake. That is worrisome for future reform. 

“Governor Rauner cannot simply wish away the crisis at the Department of Children and Family Services,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Governors lead by showing the public they are actively working to address issues, but Bruce Rauner has failed the leadership test by hiding from accountability. The public deserves an acknowledgment from Governor Rauner that his administration failed to protect children and a full accounting of past mistakes.”