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Rauner Keeps Trying to Derail His So-Called Top Accomplishment

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Rauner Again Issues Amendatory Veto on Education Funding Formula, Possibly Further Delaying Implementation

Bruce Rauner’s TV ads cynically tout the state’s new school funding formula as a top accomplishment. But when he’s off the TV screen, Bruce Rauner’s actions tell a different story.

Late yesterday, Governor Bruce Rauner once again tried to derail the new funding formula. Rauner issued an amendatory veto of a bill designed to clean up the state’s new school funding formula, which could delay funding for the needy schools the formula was supposed to help. 

History shows that he has opposed the bill at almost every turn:

  • Vetoed State Budget: Rauner vetoed the budget, which appropriated funding for the new formula. Rauner will later claim his administration “increased education funding” despite having never signed a budget.
  • Vetoed, Rewrote Funding FormulaRauner’s rewrite of the education funding formula was so extreme no one would support it. One Chicago Tribune editorial writer said Rauner “botched this one.” The final bill looked very similar to the one he vetoed.
  • Ran Ads Attacking Funding FormulaTo support his amendatory veto, Rauner ran ads labeling the funding formula as a “Chicago Bailout.”
  • Vetoed Bill Cleaning Up FormulaAnd last night, Rauner created more chaos by issuing an amendatory veto on a needed cleanup bill, which could delay implementation of his so-called top accomplishment.

In fairness, Rauner was really stretching it on his accomplishments list last year.

“Bruce Rauner is threatening school funding with his veto pen for the umpteenth time,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Rauner’s already done all that he could to derail the state’s new education funding formula, so his veto should not come as any surprise. But Rauner’s veto again fails Illinois students by putting politics ahead of their well-being. To claim this as an accomplishment shows a new level of cynicism for Rauner.”