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Rauner Keeps Pretending Like He’s Not the Governor, and Now It’s Hurting the People of Cairo

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Rauner’s Refusal to Engage on Federal Issues Fails More Illinoisans

This week, voters sent a clear message that they expect more from state leaders on federal issues. Governor Bruce Rauner seems not to have gotten it. This morning, The Southern published a disturbing story detailing how Bruce Rauner’s administration has done as little as possible in reaction to the housing crisis in Cairo.

Rauner’s administration deflected and, among other absurd excuses, claimed the problem was a federal issue. Rauner’s refusal to acknowledge the responsibilities of a Governor looking out for his people is a frequent pattern; Rauner has been silent on the health care debate, the fate of 42,000 DACA recipients, and anything else coming out of the Trump White House. Rauner even said he had “no obligation” to weigh in on federal tax policy issues. Illinoisans are impacted by federal decisions every day, but Rauner can’t trouble himself politically.

Rauner’s administration argued that “given the distance,” Cairo was just too far away to visit. It may be closer than Japan, China, and Israel, but really it’s just too far away.

“Rauner’s absence of leadership is hurting another group of Illinoisans,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Illinoisans deserve a Governor who’s willing stand up for them and protect them when they need it, but Rauner’s always refused that responsibility. Instead, Rauner has always been focused on his political agenda and turned away from other problems. Rauner fails the people of Illinois when he refuses to take on their fights.”