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Rauner Has Six Hours in Car on Carbondale Trip – May Find 10 Seconds to Look at IPI Cartoon

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Rauner Has Opportunity to Avoid Directly Staring at Sun…by Glancing at Cartoon

Governor Bruce Rauner spent most of last week dodging press questions about a cartoon that was deemed racist by many and was condemned by the entire Illinois House legislature. The cartoon was drawn by the right-wing Illinois Policy Institute whose former employees now count as most of Rauner’s top aides. Last week, Rauner’s team twice defended the cartoon’s creators last week while claiming he never saw the cartoon.
Over the weekend, NBC5’s Mary Ann Ahern received this response from Rauner’s team:
“He doesn’t have time to worry about political cartoons when we don’t have an agreement on K12 funding. His priorities are where they should be.”
On Friday, legislative leaders met to discuss a possible solution to Rauner’s education crisis. Rauner was not at the meeting. And today Governor Rauner’s public schedule lists one event – watching the eclipse in Carbondale.

Three hours down, and three hours back. Assuming Governor Rauner does not use more personal money to conduct state business and rent a helicopter from a President Trump supporter, at some point he should get bored. Maybe he’ll find the time…
“Governor Rauner shows leadership just about as often as the United States experiences a total solar eclipse,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Bruce Rauner willingly pushed the state into an education funding crisis with his veto pen. Now his political allies are picking up on his divisive education funding rhetoric and are being criticized by everyone, outside Bruce Rauner’s office. It took four days for Governor Rauner to denounce President Trump’s rhetoric – how long will it take him to denounce his top aides’ former employer?”