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Rauner flees to "opulent" Montana ranch in wake of Caymans news

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Bruce Rauner’s on the run.
In the wake of the news that he stashed part of his vast fortune in the Cayman Islands, the Republican billionaire is going into hiding. According to the Sun-Times, he’s hunkering down at his “opulent 6,0000-square-foot ranch in Montana, where he will spend time away from the stump in Illinois.”
While it must be nice to have nine million-dollar homes to run away to when times get tough, if Rauner thinks questions about how he’s been dodging taxes on the millions he made exploiting seniors, workers, and communities are going away, he’s sorely mistaken.
Here’s the story:
Bruce Rauner heads to his Montana ranch, holds fundraiser
The Chicago Sun-Times
August 5, 2014
Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner has headed to his opulent, 6,000-square-foot ranch in Montana, where he will spend time away from the stump in Illinois.
The news comes after Rauner has faced questions about investments he holds in the Cayman Islands, following a Sunday Sun-Times story revealing the investments. That disclosure reignited calls for the multi-millionaire to release his 2013 tax records. Rauner has filed for an extension and his campaign said he would release them by October 15.
While in Montana, Rauner’s camp will hold a fund-raiser at a nearby ranch where tickets cost $500 to $5000 per person, according to this invite obtained by Early & Often.
The Rauner campaign did not disclose that the candidate was headed out of state to his ranch in Montana. Rauner family friend Gwen Wagner is hosting the event at her ranch in Livingston, Montana.
“Bruce and Diana are graciously taking time out of their precious (and few) family days in Montana to share their vision. They have generously supported Montana over the years and share our love for Big Sky Country as well as IL,” Wagner wrote in an invitation.
Reached on Tuesday, Wagner said she’s supported the Rauner family’s involvement in the community as well as Rauner’s recent bid to buy up thousands of acres of land in Montana.
“They been supportive of the community from 4H … to firefighters,” Wagner told Early & Often. “It’s just a wonderful support network that they’ve done. They’re good people, good family people. That’s why I’m supporting them.”
Rauner’s campaign said the candidate heads to Montana every August with his family.
“He’s spending a few days with his family. He left Monday and is back Thursday,” said campaign spokesman Mike Schrimpf.